Healthy You Therapy

45 Minutes Zoom Distance Healing


I am able to pinpoint the energetic imbalance in your physical and energy body. I then sense and see with my inner vision where it is and what can be done. I am able to work on releasing the blockages through doing my distance work and using my psychic sense of color to heal and release and access information for you. I spend time on re balancing you and discussing what you can do to empower and strengthen your health on all levels.

All you do is lie down or sit in a comfortable chair and I do the work via zoom.

More than one session may be needed to release blocks and re-align the body.

Contact me to book a time and date.

There will be an initial consultation involved to discuss your needs.

The fee $90.00 per session which includes a powerful personally tailored deep and core level healing.

Thank you.

Online Emotional Detox


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