Healthy You Therapy

Holistic Massage

What is a Holistic Massage?

A Holistic Massage  is based on the concept that we are a trinity of body, mind and spirit. In order to live in balance we move towards being “mindful” on all three levels. Mindfulness teaches us to be present in the moment. Loving-kindness to our own trinity does require some learning and practice. By being present in our everyday life through conscious body work, healthy eating, clean water, proper breathing and preventing trauma, we attend to our sacred garden- -our Body Mind Spirit. This brings us to a closer connection to that which is true, pure and Love within us all. With regular practice we find a greater awareness of ourselves and surroundings and enjoy a softening to our everyday life.

What can you expect from a session?

Your  Holistic Massage session will take place in a warm, comfortable, climate controlled room. Soft music may be played to help you relax, and you will lying on a table especially designed for your comfort.  Even though you are undressed, you are under the sheets and covered the entire time, with only the area that is being worked on exposed. When the session is completed we will talk and review the results of your session.  You will be offered a bottled water on your exit.




Sunday            11 – 3

Monday           12 – 8    

Tuesday             6 – 9

Friday                 6 – 8

Saturday            4 – 7