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What To Expect From A Energy Bodywork Session

At your first appointment I will take some time to discuss how you are feeling on a physical and emotional level and to establish what you are hoping to gain from the session. This is called setting your intention for relaxation or healing and is important as it provides the focus for the session. It is also an important opportunity to connect with each other and to establish a trusting and cooperative working relationship. For this reason I always offer clients an additional 30 minute consultation, free of charge, as part of their first session.

During your subsequent energy bodywork sessions, I will evaluate how you feel you are benefiting from the sessions and establish an intention for healing at each session. This ensures your sessions are truly reflective of your needs and wishes. I believe this is to be empowering to the healing process as it ensures active participation in your healing process. It also enables me to deliver the appropriate care to enable this to be achieved.

Your energy bodywork session will take place in a private, comfortable and relaxing treatment room. You will lie on your back on a massage table and will remain fully clothed. Relaxing music will be played. If you prefer to experience in silence, this is also possible. During your session all you need to do is close your eyes and try to relax, there is no effort required on your part.

After the session is finished, you may feel sleepy or energized. You will be offered a bottled water to rehydrate. As you slowly come back to a normal state of consciousness we will discuss any concerns and any guidance received during the session. This is an opportunity to ask any questions for clarity or assistance. Please feel able to contact me at any time after your session, if you need to discuss anything further.


Sunday            11 – 3

Monday           12 – 8    

Tuesday             6 – 9

Friday                 6 – 8

Saturday            4 – 7