Healthy You Therapy

About Me

Healthy You Therapy provides quality bodywork to help balance mind, body and spirit. My mission as a Licensed Massage Therapist is to treat every individual according to their specific needs. I strive to meet the needs of clients with varying degrees of physical and emotional pain. Healthy You Therapy endeavors to be on the cutting edge of massage therapy/bodywork. I am committed to my personal growth and continuing education as a massage therapist and to working together with my clients to promote their education and participation in this powerful self-healing process. I value my clients and want to provide good, friendly service. I provide education and referral services to my clients.

Healthy You Therapy goal is to provide each client relaxation and relief of discomforts in their body through bodywork to promote overall health and wellness.


Completion Date

Massage Therapy
Polarity Therapy
Spa Tech Institute

April 2010

Full Spectrum Healing Level 1

May 2011

Polarity Therapy

October 2011

Full Spectrum Healing Level 2
 May 2012

R.Y.S.E. Level 2
Individual Work

December 2012

Past Life Regression Therapy

February 2013

Marconics Reconnection
 February 2014

Access Consciousness

 July 2014
Cervical Spine Techniques

September 2015

Releasing The
Face, Mouth & TMJ

January 2016

R.Y.S.E. Level 3
Group Work

January 2016

IET Basic & Intermediate

Feburary 2024

IET Advanced

March 2024